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Red Rock Biofuels
     Red Rock Biofuels (www.redrockbio.com) is constructing a an advanced biofuels production facility in Lakeview, Oregon to convert 136,000 tons of woody biomass into 15 million gallons per year of biofuels including jet fuel and diesel. The feedstock is a mix of softwoods and forestry waste/slash materials plus pre-commercial thinnings. The feedstock will be obtained from non-federal land in southern Oregon and northern California in an economic draw radius from the plant. 70% of the annual feedstock requirement is under long-term contract.
     Conversion to biofuels is a multi-step process involving feedstock receiving and processing, gasification and syngas cleanup, catalytic conversion to Fischer-Tropsch products, upgrading to fuel products and fuel distribution. The biomass gasification technology a steam reforming process licensed from TCG Global (www.tcgenergy.com/gasification.htm). Syngas cleanup and conditioning, including tar removal, is being designed by Fluor.

     Aemetis is partnering with InEnTec and LanzaTech to build a new biofuels production facility that will produce up to 60 million gallons per year of ethanol. The plant will be located in Riverbank, California, roughly 150 km east of San Francisco.
     Biomass feedstock is a combination of agricultural waste including waste from nut trees, forest waste, dairy waste and construction and demolition waste. The central California region has a significant almond and walnut industry that produces over a million tons of wood waste and nutshells per year.